Balance Entertainment Agency

Briefly about Balance Entertainment Agency

How did we become a recognizable Croatian agency?

After our 15 years of business experience in the world of show business and experience in various event organizations and promotions as well as in participating in projects and various trainings, we have gained knowledge but also skills and tricks for the success of a product or event.

MISSION - improvement of all aspects of business and business results, in one place according to the turnkey system.

VISION - bringing new trends, techniques and methods to the business world, and engaging young talents and experts in solving key business problems

Mission and vision

Why choose us?

Event management, marketing, PR, management, branding and consulting in one place - you want it, we make it happen!

Anything is possible, anytime, anywhere! Get to know our way of working, study and decide. Once you choose BALANCE ENTERTAINMENT, you will be sure that your wishes and requirements are in the right hands.

After fifteen years of business experience in organizing events, marketing, and the world of show business, we have refreshed the website

Balance Entertainment d.o.o. is an agency whose backbone is the organization of events and events and is also an agency that has gained recognition in the organization of club parties and all the way to the organization of various sports and cultural events, music festivals, corporate events and promotions and team building. In addition to various organizations, the agency deals with other marketing segments such as PR, graphic design, recording, video editing and photography, web design, which provides a complete service to the client in promoting their product from development to marketing to the end customer.

Balance Entertainment also brings together many beautiful models, dancers and dancers, animators, promoters and other talents, which allows them to perform under the spotlight and perform on numerous stages, clubs and promotions and various events.

Always available

Our team is always available via email and will respond to you as soon as possible.

qualified agents

All of our team members are educated professionals with certifications in a number of areas. We offer professionalism at a high level.

best deals

We offer a complete range of services with an emphasis on quality. We are always approachable to our clients and strive to give more than expected.

Meet Our Team

With the professionalism and diverse qualities of our professional team, we provide top service backed by numerous skills, creations and tricks to improve your product or event.

Provide everything for your product or event in one place and indulge in a balanced team of experts and ways of working, and an efficient and professional business organization.

A paradise for all those who simply love to find all business solutions in one place.

Contact the Strongest Agency for All Business Needs.

A paradise for all those who simply love to find all business solutions in one place.

Contact the Strongest Agency for All Business Needs.

What do they say about us?

"We are very pleased with the long-term cooperation. We can be proud of the increased sales that our premium brands have achieved on the Croatian market and the professional impression at numerous events."
"At first I couldn't believe there was such a professional, qualified and creative young team. The cordial models who represented our cars and good marketing, made visitors want to come to our car dealership with pleasure."
"The creativity of marketing and the fluidity of communication pleasantly surprised us. Its reach was also seen in the advanced marketing solutions, which increased our sales and left a premium impression on our customers."
"I am very pleased with the friendliness, professionalism and speed of the agency in executing services. My client traffic has increased already in the first month of cooperation."
Rijeka, Hrvatska

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